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:I believe it is a neolatin word meaning "journal article" derived from the first meaning above, widening the sense of "contribution", contribution to a discussion... I have seen it other places too, but all modern. Such terms deserve their own article explaining them.--[[Usor:Rafaelgarcia|Rafaelgarcia]] 16:24, 8 Augusti 2009 (UTC)
:: As usual, Iacobus and his ruthless servant, Cassell's, provide food for thought. As Rafael surmises, basically rightly I think, ''symbola'' '(scientific) article' is a metaphorical extension of the meaning 'a contribution of money to a common feast'. But I'd like to add a few precisations. Basically, ''symbola'' < Gk. {{Polytonic|συμβολή}} (compositional meaning:) 'a throwing together', has nothing to suggest feast or money. As such, ''symbola'' denotes a contribution; 'feast' and 'money' come from the context, which was sympotic (or perhaps in better English, symposiac) in nature. An ancient ''symposium'' (< Gk. {{Polytonic|συμπόσιον}} 'a drinking together') consisted not just in heavy drinking (witness Plato's ''Symposium'') but also in philosophically and scientifically pertinent contributions to common themes (witness Plato's ''Symposium'', again). This is also the context of ''symbola'', as has been told by Gellius (7.13): according to him, ''symbolae'' were scientific contributions to a sympotic picnic of learned men. /// One may have wondered, why, in nowadays symposia, there's less drinking than scientific contributions. Well, a semiotician might call that markedness reversal. Nowadays, ''symbolae'', as contributions and output of scientific symposia, are often published within a single cover, consisting of various contributions or articles on a more of less connected scientific theme. This is, I guess, the etymological background of ''symbola'' as an article in a scientific journal, Festschrift, or collection of papers; notice that ''symbola'' is indeed a scientific paper in contradistinction to ''commentatio'' and the like, which are apt to denote newspaper articles and the like. Examples of this modern use are [http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/00397679.asp Symbolae Osloenses]; see also [http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/Search.aspx?searchTerm=symbolae&searchCat= this list]. Both Morgan and Pitkäranta have ''symbola'' '(scientific) article'. --[[Usor:Neander|Neander]] 12:26, 9 Augusti 2009 (UTC)
:Irrelevant but fun... [[Reginaldus Foster|Reginaldus]] uses ''esse (long e) de symbolis'' in case we ever want to write about [[:en:Picnic]] or [[:en:Potluck]]. --[[Usor:Ioscius|Ioscius]] <small><sup>[[Disputatio Usoris:Ioscius|(disp)]]</sup></small> 18:51, 18 Augusti 2009 (UTC)
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