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: No particular reason ([[Disputatio Usoris:UV#Categorizing from list]], [[Disputatio Usoris:UV#your bot]]), I am just hesitant to ask Adam Bishop myself, because I am "party" in this case. Greetings, --[[Usor:UV|UV]] 10:04, 13 Octobris 2008 (UTC)
::Do you want the flag? If yes, I'll ask Adam ... --[[Usor:Rolandus|Rolandus]] 22:02, 17 Octobris 2008 (UTC)
::: Yes, why not, if the community thinks my bot (and I who operate it) are reliable enough ;-)
::: Something completely different: After a long pause, there is finally a fresh [[Vicipaedia:Dump]] again! If you have some time, would you mind re-running your dump analysis so that we can see which articles need fixing? Thanks! --[[Usor:UV|UV]] 22:08, 17 Octobris 2008 (UTC)

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