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Capsae urbium etc.[fontem recensere]

Happy 2020, UV. I missed the discussion on the Taberna till now: I have just commented. I think your proposal is very good indeed, just what we need.

This is a side-issue: We have previously discussed the problem of the "Locus" element, which occurs on the capsa urbis and also in the {{Fontes geographici}} formula. The bug that causes it to lead to an almost-blank page hasn't been cured. I don't know whether UVbot could help to alleviate this irritation on our pages. Here's an executive summary:

  • Many pages about settlements contain the Capsa urbis, and many more will soon contain it. I believe the only way a Wikidata capsa can be made to include a link to maps is to use this unhelpful "Locus" element.
  • Many pages about settlements contain {{Fontes geographici}}, which also uses the "Locus" element: many pages therefore provide this element twice, and the number doing so will increase.
  • Some pages about settlements contain a {{Coord}} formula, not linked to Wikidata. This shows at the top of the page and sends people straight to the GeoHack page, which is far more helpful.

Two things we might do in an ideal world, either of which would improve our pages:

  • Add {{Fontes geographici}} under "Nexus externi" to all pages containing the Capsa urbis. (On pages without a "Nexus externi", it might still be added at the foot of the page above any navboxes and stipula templates.)
  • Add a Coord template to all pages containing the Capsa urbis. It can be added anywhere on the page, but it would have to be filled in initially from information at Wikidata or GeoHack. I have a feeling we discussed something like this long ago, and you weren't in favour at that time because of the question of reliability of Wikidata.

If either of these things could be done, I would then remove the "Locus" element from the Capsa urbis. Do you have any comments or suggestions? Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 20:06, 10 Ianuarii 2020 (UTC)

Happy New Year!
The bug that affects the maplink on {{Capsa urbis Vicidata}} and {{Fontes geographici}} is indeed nasty. We discussed about it here and you filed a very good bug report at phabricator:T225350, however the bug has not been resolved yet. I have now contacted the author of the Kartographer extension and asked him to look into this issue.
Once this bug will be fixed, here are some proposals on what we might do:
  • We might adapt both {{Capsa urbis Vicidata}} and {{Fontes geographici}} so that these templates will display the maplink not (or not only) within the infobox or within the Fontes geographici box, but will (instead or additionally) display the maplink in the place (at the top of the page) where currently {{Coord}} displays its maplink. Then, at the same time, we could/should remove {{Coord}} from all articles containing {{Capsa urbis Vicidata}} or {{Fontes geographici}}. Advantage: We would not have to maintain coordinates for cities ourselves any more (within the {{Coord}} template), but those coordinates would come from Vicidata.
  • While it would not be too difficult to follow your proposal to add {{Fontes geographici}} under "Nexus externi" to all pages containing {{Capsa urbis Vicidata}}, we might alternatively follow a different road: We might consider to add all the links currently present in {{Fontes geographici}} to a section of {{Capsa urbis Vicidata}}, and afterwards remove {{Fontes geographici}} from all articles where {{Capsa urbis Vicidata}} is present.
Perhaps we should for now wait for the bug to be resolved, and afterwards discuss on the best way to follow? Greetings, --UV (disputatio) 18:23, 11 Ianuarii 2020 (UTC)
I agree, those are good possibilities. I might have thought of combining {{Capsa urbis Vicidata}} with {{Fontes geographici}} myself ... but I never did! I agree, the best time to make these changes will be after the bug is fixed, and I am glad you have tried another way of making that happen.
There are many pages (e.g. for archaeological sites) on which "Fontes geographici" correctly appears and "Capsa urbis Vicidata" does not. When the bug is fixed, we can consider how best to improve those pages too. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 19:54, 11 Ianuarii 2020 (UTC)