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|name = ''Oryza sativa''
|binomial = ''Oryza sativa''
[[FileFasciculus:Oryza sativa MHNT.BOT.2015.2.52.jpg|thumb|''Oryza sativa'']]
'''''Oryza sativa,''''' vulgo '''oryza,''' est [[ planta]] [[herba]]cea quae duas [[familia (taxinomia)|familiae]] [[Poaceae|Poacearum]] [[subspecies]] annuas comprehendit, in [[zona tropica|tropicis]] et [[subtropica|subtropicis]] [[Asia]]e et [[Africa]]e [[regio]]nibus australibus [[endemismus|endemicas]].
Et in [[Shinto]] [[Iaponia]]e, oryza origo cari [[cibus|cibi]] putatur et pro [[deitas|deitetibus]] dedicatur cum [[ritus|ritu]] [[festum|festi]].<ref>Exempli gratia, ''Kannamesai'' ([[Iaponice]] 神嘗祭) ad [[Ise Magnum Templum]], quod die [[17 Octobris]] celebratur.</ref>
== Notae ==
== Bibliographia ==
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* [[Oryzae sationes]]
* [[Oryza (victus)]]
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