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A bot (Latin: automaton, -i n.) is a piece of software designed to perform tasks that would be too tedious for humans to perform (at least in the required quantity and within an acceptable time frame), e. g. updating interwiki links.

Bots in the Latin vicipaedia[fontem recensere]

Bots with a local bot flag[fontem recensere]

There is an automatic list of bots with a local bot flag, where the owner has requested bot status. See #Rules for running a bot in the Latin vicipaedia below, how to do this.

Currently, there are 8 bots with a local bot flag.

Bots with a global bot flag[fontem recensere]

There is an automatic list of bots with a global bot flag. See meta:Bot policy#Global bots for more information.

Manual list[fontem recensere]

C = conlationes, R = registered with a local bot flag, G = global bot flag, X = no bot flag

Bot C C C R G X maintainer Comments
Usor:YurikBot 13134 conlationes 2011-01 X en:User:Yurik bot is very busy, see the "conlationes"; not active since Sep 2006 (Jan 2007)
Usor:Thijs!bot 33062 conlationes 2011-01 X nl:Gebruiker:Thijs!  
Usor:FlaBot 7770 conlationes 2011-01 X de:Benutzer:Flacus bot is able to resolve redirects (feature is maybe disabled)
Usor:Escarbot 61465 conlationes 2011-01 X fr:Utilisateur:Vargenau links year pages
Usor:Gpvosbot 5508 conlationes 2011-01 X nl:Gebruiker:Gpvos bot automatically fixes double redirects (see Specialis:DoubleRedirects); not active since 1 Dec (Jan 2007)
Usor:Zwobot conlationes X  
Usor:Chobot conlationes G  
Usor:LeonardoRob0t conlationes X pt:Usuário:LeonardoG
Usor:RobotJcb conlationes X  
Usor:Hashar conlationes X  
Usor:Sz-iwbot 1344 conlationes 2011-01 X  
Usor:Robbot 2843 conlationes 2011-01 X  
Usor:RCBot conlationes X  
Usor:Orgullobot conlationes X  
Usor:Guanabot conlationes X  
Usor:Andrewbot conlationes X  
Usor:Chlewey conlationes X  
Usor:TuvicBot conlationes X nl:Gebruiker:Tuvic
Usor:WinstonMachina conlationes X it:Utente:WinstonSmith
Usor:JAnDbot 30404 conlationes 2011-01 G cs:Wikipedista:JAn Dudík
Usor:Zyxwvut-Bot conlationes X fr:Utilisateur:Hégésippe Cormier
Usor:Soulbot conlationes X no:Bruker:Soulkeeper
Usor:Daibot conlationes X el:Χρήστης:Dai
Usor:CommonsTicker 4183 conlationes 2011-01 X   see Vicipaedia:Acta Vicimediorum Communium and m:User:Duesentrieb/CommonsTicker
Usor:CommonsDelinker 2104 conlationes 2011-01 X   see m:User:CommonsDelinker
Usor:Botz conlationes X fr:Utilisateur:Sebcaen
Usor:TXiKiBoT 103999 conlationes 2011-01 X eu:Lankide:TXiKi
Usor:Riccardobot conlationes X it:Utente:Riccardov
Usor:VolkovBot 55504 conlationes 2011-01 X ru:Участник:Volkov
Usor:Viele-baerenbot conlationes X de:Benutzer:ABF
Usor:Qualia conlationes X hsb:Wužiwar:Qualia
Usor:Synthebot 9829 conlationes 2011-01 X en:User:Julian Mendez
Usor:PolarBot conlationes X de:Benutzer:Polarlys
Usor:SieBot 66241 conlationes 2011-01 X nl:Gebruiker:Siebrand
Usor:BotMultichill 11564 conlationes 2011-01 G nl:Gebruiker:Multichill
Usor:Byrialbot conlationes X da:Bruger:Byrial
Usor:Idioma-bot 6354 conlationes 2011-01 X bat-smg:User:Hugo.arg
Usor:Ken123BOT 1835 conlationes 2011-01 X nl:Gebruiker:Ken123
Usor:Apocatequil conlationes X nl:Gebruiker:Chaemera
Usor:AlleborgoBot 11197 conlationes 2011-01 X it:Utente:Alleborgo
Usor:PipepBot 4500 conlationes 2011-01 X it:Utente:Pipep
Usor:DragonBot 5043 conlationes 2011-01 X ml:User:Jacob.jose
Usor:FloggerBot conlationes X ja:User:A-Taul
Usor:MenoBot conlationes X en:User:Meno25
Usor:Millbot conlationes X
Usor:TottyBot conlationes X su:User:Irwangatot
Usor:Alexbot 5340 conlationes 2011-01 X zh:User:Alexsh
Usor:BodhisattvaBot 3486 conlationes 2011-01 X hr:Suradnik:Dalibor Bosits
Usor:Purbo T 2311 conlationes 2011-01 X ksh:Medmaacher:Purodha
Usor:BotSottile 1249 conlationes 2011-01 X it:Utente:FiloSottile
Usor:VanBot conlationes X uk:User:VictorAnyakin
Usor:SoxBot conlationes X en:User:Soxred93
Usor:SilvonenBot 7650 conlationes 2011-01 X fi:User:Silvonen
Usor:タチコマ robot 1568 conlationes 2011-01 G m:User:とある白い猫
Usor:RoamBot conlationes X ro:User:Roamata
Usor:Loveless 10043 conlationes 2011-01 X fr:User:Darkoneko
Usor:UVbot 52258 conlationes 2011-01 R Usor:UV
Usor:CarsracBot 6157 conlationes 2011-01 X nl:User:Carsrac
Usor:LaaknorBot 6334 conlationes 2011-01 X no:User:Laaknor
Usor:FiriBot conlationes X ro:User:Firilacroco
Usor:Ginosbot conlationes X it:Utente:Ginosal
Usor:SpBot conlationes X de:Benutzer:Euku
Usor:ViskonBot conlationes X Usor:Viskonsas
Usor:MelancholieBot 22526 conlationes 2011-01 X als:User:Melancholie
Usor:StigBot conlationes X no:Bruker:Stigmj
Usor:WikiDreamer Bot conlationes X fr:Utilisateur:WikiDreamer
Usor:Luckas-bot 113841 conlationes 2011-01 X pt:User:Luckas Blade
Usor:Albambot conlationes X ko:User:알밤한대
Usor:HerculeBot conlationes X fr:Utilisateur:Hercule
Usor:Vini 17bot5 conlationes X pt:User:Vini 175
Usor:Ptbotgourou 5208 conlationes 2011-01 X fr:Utilisateur:Gdgourou
Usor:Amirobot 1949 conlationes 2011-01 X fa:User:Ladsgroup
Usor:Dexbot conlationes G fa:User:Ladsgroup
Usor:Homobot conlationes X lt:User:Homo
Usor:GnawnBot conlationes X ko:User:StormDaebak
Usor:Kwjbot conlationes X m:User:Kwj2772
Usor:Wybot conlationes X ko:User:WonRyong
Usor:Muro Bot conlationes X es:Usuario:Muro de Aguas
Usor:ArthurBot 49232 conlationes 2011-01 X cs:User:Mercy
Usor:KhanBot conlationes X nn:Brukar:Harald Khan
Usor:NjardarBot conlationes X nn:Brukar:Njardarlogar
Usor:Xqbot 61302 conlationes 2011-01 G de:User:Xqt
Usor:Zorrobot 2551 conlationes 2011-01 X no:Bruker:ZorroIII
Usor:Zxabot conlationes X de:User:JaynFM
Usor:LucienBOT 7593 conlationes 2011-01 X m:User:Lucien leGrey
Usor:Nallimbot conlationes X ko:User:Adrenalin
Usor:BOT-Superzerocool conlationes X es:Usuario:Superzerocool
Usor:Darkicebot 3555 conlationes 2011-01 X simple:User:Razorflame
Usor:SassoBot 1896 conlationes 2011-01 X en:User:Djsasso
Usor:AttoBot 2882 conlationes 2011-01 X it:Utente:AttoRenato
Usor:Rubinbot 3407 conlationes 2011-01 X ru:User:Rubin16
Usor:BenzolBot 1839 conlationes 2011-01 X de:Benutzer:Benzen
Usor:MSBOT conlationes X fa:User:Meisam
Usor:MauritsBot 5837 conlationes 2011-01 X nl:Gebruiker:Maurits
Usor:DirlBot conlationes X en:User:Chesnok
Usor:Obersachsebot 1698 conlationes 2011-01 X ru:User:Obersachse
Usor:Almabot 2164 conlationes 2011-01 X fr:Utilisateur:Nakor
Usor:DumZiBoT conlationes X fr:Utilisateur:NicDumZ
Usor:AHbot conlationes X uk:User:Ahonc
Usor:MastiBot 7094 conlationes 2011-01 X pl:User:Masti
Usor:D'ohBot 3948 conlationes 2011-01 X ru:User:Dnikitin
Usor:RoggBot conlationes X wikt:ru:User:Roggy
Usor:GhalyBot conlationes X arz:User:Ghaly
Usor:Louperibot conlationes X fr:Utilisateur:Louperivois
Usor:RedBot 1389 conlationes 2011-01 X de:Benutzer:Redf0x
Usor:Ver-bot conlationes X pl:User:Verwolff
Usor:Broadbot conlationes X da:User:Broadbeer
Usor:DSisyphBot 2054 conlationes 2011-01 X fr:User:Sisyph
Usor:Dinamik-bot conlationes X ru:User:Dinamik
Usor:Jotterbot conlationes X ml:User:Jyothis
Usor:RibotBOT conlationes X ca:User:Loupeter
Usor:TjBot conlationes X id:User:Tjmoel
Usor:EmBOTellado conlationes X es:User:Ezarate
Usor:MystBot 1449 conlationes 2011-01 X fr:Utilisateur:Myst
Usor:LinkFA-Bot conlationes X de:Benutzer:Guandalug
Usor:Gerakibot conlationes X el:User:Geraki
Usor:GrouchoBot 1974 conlationes 2011-01 X nl:User:Groucho NL
Usor:MagnusA.Bot conlationes X sv:User:MagnusA
Usor:MondalorBot conlationes X ru:User:Mondalor
Usor:WeggeBot conlationes X da:User:Wegge
Usor:Diego Grez Bot conlationes X Usor:Diego Grez should not make more than about fifteen bot edits on any day, see Disputatio Usoris:Diego Grez Bot
Usor:EleferenBot conlationes X ru:User:Eleferen
Usor:RobotQuistnix conlationes X nl:Gebruiker:Quistnix
Usor:IndvTbot conlationes X m:User:Devunt
Usor:Egmontbot conlationes X el:User:Egmontaz
Usor:Prabot conlationes X jv:User:Pras
Usor:BOTijo conlationes X es:User:Emijrp not an interwiki bot
Usor:MerlBot conlationes X de:User:Merlissimo (usually) not an interwiki bot
Usor:MerlLinkBot conlationes X de:User:Merlissimo fixes outdated/broken external links
Usor:KamikazeBot 2759 conlationes 2011-01 X pl:User:Karol007
Usor:EmausBot 12836 conlationes 2011-01 G ru:User:Emaus
Usor:JackieBot conlationes G ru:User:Jackie
Usor:Kgsbot conlationes X ml:User:Kiran Gopi
Usor:TuHan-Bot conlationes X vi:User:Tranletuhan
Usor:WikitanvirBot 1189 conlationes 2011-01 X bn:User:Wikitanvir
Usor:Mjbmrbot 1331 conlationes 2011-01 X fa:User:Mjbmr
Usor:Aibot conlationes X uk:User:A1
Usor:ZéroBot conlationes X fr:Utilisateur:Toto Azéro
Usor:Ebrambot conlationes X fa:User:Ebrahim
Usor:JackBot conlationes X fr:User:JackPotte
Usor:Movses-bot conlationes X ru:User:Movses
Usor:Manubot conlationes X ml:User:Manumg
Usor:SreeBot conlationes X en:User:Sreejithk2000
Usor:Wwbot conlationes X ml:User:Wikiwriter
Usor:HRoestBot conlationes X de:Benutzer:Hannes Röst
Usor:DixonDBot conlationes X uk:User:DixonD
Usor:ChuispastonBot conlationes X fr:User:Grimlock
Usor:Kasirbot conlationes X fa:User:Kasir
Usor:MerlIwBot conlationes X de:User:Merlissimo
Usor:CocuBot conlationes X no:User:Cocu
Usor:Robert.Baruch.Bot conlationes R User:Robert.Baruch
Usor:BendelacBOT conlationes X he:User:יונה בנדלאק
Usor:EdwardsBot conlationes X en:User:MZMcBride
Usor:PixelBot conlationes X de:User:Pixelfire
Usor:AvicBot conlationes G en:User:Avicennasis
Usor:HiW-Bot conlationes X de:User:Hedwig in Washington
Usor:Vagobot conlationes X az:User:Vago
Usor:Rezabot conlationes X fa:User:Reza1615
Usor:Snaevar-bot conlationes X is:User:Snaevar
Usor:Hoo User Page Bot conlationes X meta:User:Hoo man
User:AvocatoBot conlationes X ar:User:Avocato
Usor:ElphiBot conlationes X fa:User:Elph
Usor:Minsbot conlationes X ko:User:Ha98574
Usor:JYBot conlationes X fa:User:Javadyou
Usor:JhsBot conlationes X no:User:Jon Harald Søby
Usor:DarafshBot conlationes X fa:user:درفش کاویانی
Usor:MahdiBot conlationes X fa:User:Mahdi.hajiha
Usor:DEagleBot conlationes X en:User:Dark Eagle
Usor:KLBot2 conlationes X es:User:Kizar
Usor:YFdyh-bot conlationes X zh:User:YFdyh000
Usor:Kasymbot conlationes X kk:User:Kasymov
Usor:Makecat-bot conlationes X zh:User:Makecat
Usor:VKSBot conlationes X cs:User:Vks
Usor:MalarzBOT conlationes X pl:User:malarz pl
Usor:SAMI.Bot conlationes X ur:User:S.M.Samee
Usor:Addbot conlationes X meta:User:Addshore
Usor:Legobot conlationes X meta:User:Legoktm
Usor:SamoaBot conlationes X it:Utente:Ricordisamoa
Usor:Invadibot conlationes G es:User:Invadinado
Usor:CalakBot conlationes X ckb:User:Calak
Usor:AMahoney bot conlationes R Usor:Amahoney
Usor:OctraBot conlationes X Usor:Octahedron80
Usor:YiFeiBot conlationes G meta:User:Zhuyifei1999
Usor:BotNinja conlationes X bg:User:Termininja

Requests for assistance by a bot[fontem recensere]

Note that there is no guarantee that requests for assistance by a bot can or will be fulfilled.

Rules for running a bot in the Latin vicipaedia[fontem recensere]

On the Latin vicipaedia, global bots are allowed. Global bots are trusted bots that are given bot access on every Wikimedia wiki that allows global bots. The current requirements for global bots are:

  • a global bot must only maintain interlanguage links or fix double-redirects;
  • a global bot must have already been active on several wikis, with long-term contributions to back up its trustworthiness.

Apart from allowing global bots, the Latin vicipaedia does not use the standard bot policy. If you are interested in our bot policy, please see the rules below.

Hae sunt regulae propositae. Quaesumus ut nos adiuves has regulas confirmando, censendo, et corrigendo in pagina disputationis.

English language
English language

These are proposed rules. Please, help us by confirming, reviewing, and correcting these rules on the talk page.

Idioma Español
Idioma Español

Esta es una política propuesta. Por favor, ayúdanos confirmando, revisando y corrigiendo estas reglas en la página de discusión.

Bots are welcome in the Latin vicipaedia. However, they have to abide by these rules:

Descriptive user page
Before running a bot, you have to create the bot's user page and its user talk page. On these pages, you have to give the following information:
  • What software your bot uses (e. g. the pywikipediabot framework)
  • For what purposes your bot will be used on the Latin vicipaedia (e. g. for updating interwiki links, …)
  • Who operates the bot (i. e. a link to your userpage on the wikipedia where you are active regularly)
Does my bot need a bot flag?
  • If your bot uses the pywikipediabot framework and will only be used on the Latin vicipaedia for updating interwiki links, your bot does not need a bot flag – go ahead and run it. The community may decide to grant your bot the bot flag later.
  • In all other cases, you have to present your plans to the community first. Please describe your plans in detail on the bot's user page and in the Vicipaedia:Taberna.
If your bot misbehaves, it is you who has to clean up
Especially new bots may sometimes unfold undesirable activity. It is strongly encouraged to throttle your bot (i. e. to limit the number of edits your bot makes per minute) unless you are absolutely sure that your bot works correctly and does what you want it to do. If your bot makes nonsense, you will be required to help clean up the mess by manually undoing your bot's edits.

Separate account for bot activities[fontem recensere]

No anonymous (IP) bot edits
Please do not make anonymous bot edits. Create a user account for your bot.
Do not use your regular account for bot editing
It is strongly discouraged to use your regular account for bot edits. Please create a separate account for that purpose.
Never use a bot account for manual editing
An account that has bot status must never be used for manual edits. You have to create a separate account for that purpose.
Bot account name should contain "bot"
For easier identification, the name of the bot account should contain "bot" or "Bot". It is most common to append this string to your user name, so if your user name is Usor:Abcdef, you could call your bot Usor:AbcdefBot.

Vide etiam[fontem recensere]

Nexus externi[fontem recensere]