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Commissio Europaea est institutum et rectio exsecutiva Unionis Europaeae. Sedem habet Bruxellis. Est Ioannes Claudius Juncker nunc praeses commissionis.

Index praesidum[recensere | fontem recensere]

Imago Civitas socia Factio
HallsteinGualtherius Hallstein Gualtherius Hallstein Coat of arms of Germany.svg Germania Factio popularis Europaea 1958-1-1 – 1967-6-30
ReyIoannes Rey Ioannes Rey Royal Arms of Belgium.svg Belgica Factio liberalis 1967-7-2 – 1970-7-1
MalfattiFrancus Maria Malfatti Francus Maria Malfatti Emblem of Italy.svg Italia Factio popularis Europaea 1970-7-2 – 1972-3-1
MansholtSicco Mansholt Sicco Mansholt Arms of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.svg Nederlandia Factio socialistae 1972-3-22 – 1973-1-5
OrtoliFranciscus Xavierus Ortoli Arms of France (UN variant).svg Francia Factio popularis Europaea 1973-1-6 – 1977-1-5
JenkinsRoy Jenkins Roy Jenkins Arms of the United Kingdom.svg Britanniarum Regnum Factio socialistae
Factio Laboris
1977-1-6 – 1981-1-19
ThornGasto Thorn Gasto Thorn Coat of Arms of Luxembourg (Lesser) 2.svg Luxemburgum Factio liberalis 1981-1-20 – 1985-1-6
DelorsIacobus Delors Iacobus Delors Arms of France (UN variant).svg Francia Factio socialistae 1985-1-7 – 1995-1-24
SanterIacobus Santer Iacobus Santer Coat of Arms of Luxembourg (Lesser) 2.svg Luxemburgum Factio popularis Europaea 1995-1-25 – 1999-3-15
MarinManuel Marín (Interim)[1] Manuel Marín Arms of Spain.svg Hispania Factio socialistae 1999-3-15 – 1999-9-17
ProdiRomanus Prodi Romanus Prodi Emblem of Italy.svg Italia Factio socialistae 1999-9-17 – 2004-11-22
BarrosoIosephus Manuel Durão Barroso Iosephus Manuel Durão Barroso Portuguese shield.svg Portugallia Factio popularis Europaea 2004-11-22 – 2014-10-31
JunckerIoannes Claudius Juncker Ioannes Claudius Juncker Coat of Arms of Luxembourg (Lesser) 2.svg Luxemburgum Factio popularis Europaea 2014-11-1 –

Nexus interni

Notae[recensere | fontem recensere]

Flag of Europe waving.svg
Porta Unionis
  1. 1.0 1.1 Santer resigned before his mandate expired. His commission served in caretaker capacity under Marín till September. Replaced by Prodi who competed Santer's mandate to 22 January 2000 when they were reappointed on their own mandate.
  2. Term lasted till 31 October 2004, continued as caretaker till 22 November 2004 due to delay in appointment of Barroso Commission.

Nexus externi[recensere | fontem recensere]