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These words have been discussed in this Vicipaedia.

articulus[fontem recensere]

articulus is not the Latin word for English article or German Artikel. We use pagina, res or commentatio for example.

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nuntius/nuntium[fontem recensere]

There is a discussion what form to use.

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filma[fontem recensere]

We use pellicula for English film or German Film'.

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persona[fontem recensere]

In most cases you want to use homines instead of personae.

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populatio[fontem recensere]

Populatio vastationem regionis significat (a populando) neque incolarum numerus est (a populo). (Populatio)

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usores vs utentes[fontem recensere]

The Italian Wikipedia uses utente ...

pinacotheca[fontem recensere]

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terminus[fontem recensere]

In the sense of German (!?) terminus technicus ...

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pagina[fontem recensere]

pagina is ok for page/article, but commentatio or symbole is better.

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Vide etiam[fontem recensere]