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Usage:[fontem recensere]

This is a complete list of possible parameters, but see "Advice for Vicipaedia" below.

{{fossil range|first appearance (required)|last appearance|text to display|earliest=earliest putative fossil|latest=latest putative fossil|ref=References|PS=anything to display after the range}}

Italic parameters are optional, bold required.
Genus : Rangea 
Species : Rangea examplus 
359–100 m.a.Carboniferum > Cretaceum inferius

Advice for Vicipaedia[fontem recensere]

Parameter "| fossil range=" of the taxobox should contain nothing except this formula. The best way to use it is to specify a date range and also the first and last geological periods/epochs. A simpler way, which is also good, is to specify just the date range. Either way, following the instructions below, the information will appear clearly both in text form and in the timeline diagram. Both the Latin and English formula names will work:

{{Scala fossilis
{{Fossil range

First add the date range in millions of years (with decimal subdivisions if wanted). For a living taxon, the second number will be 0:

{{Scala fossilis|299|201
{{Scala fossilis|20|0
{{Scala fossilis|14.4|0.01

The formula can be closed here. Don't add any ||| , not even one, but just the }}:

{{Scala fossilis|299|201}}

If this is done, the screen rendering will show the date range on the timeline and in text form. It is better, however, to add the geological periods (the first and last, or the only one). The periods should be formatted as links. A subdivision can be added to the period: if doing this, use as standard the terms "inferius" (lower/early), "medium" (middle), "superius" (upper/late). Our equivalent of the conventional term recent is "Recens" (scilicet "aevum"), which is currently redirected to Holocaenum. The parameter that contains this text information must always be labelled "|r=". Thus:

{{Scala fossilis|299|201|r=[[Permium]] > [[Triassicum]] superius}}
{{Scala fossilis|15|0|r=[[Miocaenum]] medium > [[Recens]]}}

Everything that follows the r= is treated as text. It can include a footnote. Place any footnote, using <ref></ref>, after the text, and remember to close the formula }} after the footnote. Here are examples of the formula as rendered:

Examples 1-3[fontem recensere]

{{Scala fossilis|299|201|r=[[Permium]] > [[Triassicum]]}}

299–201 m.a.Permium > Triassicum

{{Scala fossilis|201|0|r=[[Iurassicum]] inferius > [[Recens]]}}

201–0 m.a.Iurassicum inferius > Recens

{{Scala fossilis|100|66|r=[[Cretaceum]] superius<ref>R. Smith, ''Dead Animals'' (2015) p. 55</ref>}}

100–66 m.a.Cretaceum superius[1]

  1. R. Smith, Dead Animals (2015) p. 55

Assets[fontem recensere]