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Syndicatus hamaxistarum Germanicorum might not be right!

  • Syndicatus is Collegium opificum or corpus opificum or syndicatus (-us, masc.)
  • Hamaxistarum - What does it mean?
    • Railway is Ferrivia
    • en:Locomotive is from latin locus - place of and motivus - "causing motion"
    • Machina vectrix shows a Locomotive
    • Hamaxostichus means also train or Eisenbahn
      • my opinion - Machina Vectrix means the Locomotive - this might be right!!

Martinvoll 21:41, 25 Februarii 2008 (UTC)[reply]

There is a fons in the article:

--Alex1011 22:00, 25 Februarii 2008 (UTC)[reply]