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Thomas Franciscus Wade

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Wikidata Thomas Franciscus Wade
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Thomas Franciscus Wade: imago
Thomas Franciscus Wade: imago
Nativitas: 25 Augusti 1818; Londinium
Obitus: 31 Iulii 1895; Cantabrigia
Patria: Britanniarum Regnum


Coniunx: Amelia Herschel
Proles: Harry Amyas Leigh Herschel Wade

Thomas Francis Wade (natus Londinii die 25 Augusti 1818; mortuus Cantabrigiae die 1 Augusti 1895)[1] fuit legatus Britannorum ad Imperium Sinense, interpres, Sinologus et professor linguae Sinicae in Universitate Cantabrigiensi. Alumnus fuit scholae Harrovianae et deinde Collegii Trinitatis apud Cantabrigienses. Creavit systema transscribendi a scriptura Sinica ad Latinam, quod systema, postea ab Herberto Allen Giles emendatum, sub appellatione Wade–Giles etiam hodie cognoscitur.

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • 1850 : Note on the Condition and Government of the Chinese Empire in 1849. Hongcongi Citatio[nexus deficit]
  • 1850 (interpres) : Japan; a chapter from the ... Hái kwoh t'ú chí; or, Illustrated notice of countries beyond the sea. Hongcongi: China Mail Citatio
  • 1851 : The Chinese army: containing notices of its Bannermen, Hánkiun, and Luhying divisions, with details respecting their organization, locations, pay, efficiency, &c. Canton Citatio
  • 1859 : The Hsin chin lu, or, Book of experiments: being the first of a series of contributions to the study of Chinese. Hongcongi: China Mail Textus apud archive.org
  • 1859 : The Peking Syllabary; being a collection of the characters representing the dialect of Peking; arranged after a new orthography in syllabic classes, according to the four tones. Designed to accompany the Hsin Ching Lu, or Book of Experiments. Hongcongi Citatio[nexus deficit]
  • 1867 : Yü-yen tzŭ-erh chi, a progressive course designed to assist the student of colloquial Chinese, as spoken in the capital and the metropolitan department : in eight parts, with key, syllabary, and writing exercises. Londinii: Trübner
  • 1867 : Wên-chien tzŭ-erh chi. Key to the Tzŭ erh chi. Documentary series. Londinii: Trübner Editio 1905
  • 1869 (interpres) : The Lun yü: being utterances of Kung Tzu, known to the western world as Confucius. Hertfordiae Citatio huius operis
  • 1871 : Despatches from Mr. Wade and vice-admiral Kellett respecting the state of affairs in China (documentum parlamenti Britannici)
  • 1886 (cum Walter Caine Hillier) : Yü yen tzu erh chu: a progressive course designed to assist the student of colloquial Chinese. 2a ed. Sciamhaevi: Statistical Department of the Inspectorate General of Customs Editionis 1903 vol. 1 vol. 2

Notae[recensere | fontem recensere]

  1. Ita ACAD; die 31 Iulii 1895 mortuus secundum DNB

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