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Rotuma (genus)

E Vicipaedia
Classis : Actinopterygii 
Ordo : Perciformes 
Familia : Xenisthmidae 
Genus : Rotuma 
Springer, 1988
Species : R. lewisi 
Rotuma lewisi 
Springer, 1988  

Rotuma est monotypicum piscium genus familiae Xenisthmidarum, cui sola species est Rotuma lewisi.[1] In Oceano Pacifico meridioccidentali endemica est.

  1. Springer, V. G. (1988). "Rotuma lewisi, new genus and species of fish from the southwest Pacific (Gobioidei, Xenisthmidae)". Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington (Biological Society of Washington) 101 (3): 530–539 .

Haec stipula ad Perciformes spectat. Amplifica, si potes!