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Cowell iuvenis.
Sidney Robertson Cowell, uxor.

Henricus Cowell (11 Martii 189710 Decembris 1965) fuit compositor, theorista musicae, clavilista, magister, publicator, et impresario Americanus. Eius donum historiae musicae a Vergilio Thomson, annis 1950 ineuntibus scribente, summatim describitur:

Musica Henrici Cowell latiorem iactum expressionis et artis rationis habet quam musica ullius compositoris vivi alius. Eius experimenta, abhinc decenniorum tria rhythmo, harmonia, et sonis instrumentorum coepta, a multis tum fera habebantur. Quae hodie sunt Biblia iuvenum et nihilominus, conservativis, "provecta." . . . Nemo alius nostri temporis compositor corpus protulit operum tam extremum et tam normativum, tam acutum et tam amplum. Huic operi solido eius cursu diuturno et auctoritate gravi ut paedagogus addito, confectio quidem Henrici Cowell gravissima videtur. Nihil eius simile est omnino. Ambos fecundum et rectum esse paucis donatur.[1][2][3]

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  1. Anglice: "Henry Cowell's music covers a wider range in both expression and technique than that of any other living composer. His experiments begun three decades ago in rhythm, in harmony, and in instrumental sonorities were considered then by many to be wild. Today they are the Bible of the young and still, to the conservatives, "advanced." . . . No other composer of our time has produced a body of works so radical and so normal, so penetrating and so comprehensive. Add to this massive production his long and influential career as a pedagogue, and Henry Cowell's achievement becomes impressive indeed. There is no other quite like it. To be both fecund and right is given to few."
  2. Thomson (2002), p. 167.
  3. Recentissima scriptorum Vergilii Thomson congeries normativa, a Ricardo Kostelanetz edita et anno 2002 prolata, hanc affirmationem sine tempore agnoscit. Affirmatio affertur in notis disci Henry Cowell: Piano Music (Smithsonian Folkways CD, 1993), ubi verba anno 1953 attribuuntur, sine fonte. Quia (a) multa tempora rerum clavilistarum Cowellianarum in notis Folkways falsa sunt (vide Hicks [2002]:80) et (b) Thomson "experimenta abhinc decenniorum tria coepta" dicit, tempus ante 1953 verisimile est.

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