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"Star atlas" is usually "atlas coelestis" in Latin.[fontem recensere]

E. g.:

  • 1660: Atlas Coelestis seu Harmonia Macrocosmica, a Andrea Cellario, Amstelodami.
  • 1729: Atlas Coelestis, a Ioh. Flamstedeio, Londoni.
  • 1742: Atlas Coelestis, a Ioh. Gabriele Dopelmaeiro, Norimbergae.
  • 1872: Atlas Coelestis Novus, ab Eduardo Heis, Coloniae ad Rhenum.

"Atlas caelestis" was used by John Seller only as:

  • 1680: Atlas Caelestis : containing the systems and theoryes of the planets, the constellations of the stars, and other phenomina's of the heavens, with necessary tables relating thereto, a Ioh. Sellero, Londoni.

--Bay Flam 03:50, 3 Maii 2010 (UTC)

Others may disagree, but I believe "caelestis" would be the more correct classical spelling. "Coelestis" is typical of early modern Latin. So, since we prefer classical spelling in our normal writing, what I would do would be to use "coelestis" when we are talking about the proper name of one of those particular works, but "caelestis" as a general term. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 10:00, 3 Maii 2010 (UTC)