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We have Programma computatrale. Is this the translation?

However, at the moment we have this situation:

--Rolandus 06:57, 5 Aprilis 2008 (UTC)

Since computer program isn't on this list, I put Programma computatrale down for it. However, for software I suggest res informatica, since that is the meaning of the term in english. Software is supposed to encompass programs and data, everything that is not hardware (armatura).--Rafaelgarcia 09:45, 9 Aprilis 2008 (UTC)

Programmatura?[fontem recensere]

"Programmatura" is a good solution. It is used in Interlingua - language based on Latin.-- 10:36, 5 Ianuarii 2010 (UTC)

Move?[fontem recensere]

I suppose the title should be 'Programmatura computatralis', without extraneous 'r', right? StevenDH (disputatio) 14:32, 4 Februarii 2013 (UTC)

Yes, the lemma is correct and the title is incorrect, but try moving the page yourself and you'll encounter a problem. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 14:52, 4 Februarii 2013 (UTC)
OK, thanks to both of you, I have now moved it. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 15:42, 4 Februarii 2013 (UTC)

Really?[fontem recensere]

Wait... did we just make up programmatura? And the only justification is that it sounded good and that Interlingua uses it? Do we have any other credible source? Or, if we created the word from the perf. pass. part. of programmare + -tura, we should probably state that. --Robert.Baruch (disputatio) 04:12, 13 Maii 2013 (UTC)

I like interlingua too but there should be an authorized latin translation. Morgan? Vatican sources? I 'll try to look this up. Jondel (disputatio) 11:15, 13 Maii 2013 (UTC)
  • .comp program (computer) / (noun) programma, atis n. | (vb) programma conficere; programmare* [Vox Lat.]; <proinde ac "poemare" diceres pro eo quod est "versûs condere"> | computer programmer programmator* [Vox Lat.] | programming language lingua programmationis* [Vox Lat.] (Helf.)
  • .comp program (computer) / programma
  • .comp program (for computer) praecepta ratiocinatoris; - vt (a computer) praeparo ratiocinatoris praecepta (Lev.)
  • .comp software / partes programmationes* [Vox Lat.] (Helf.)
Ortum vocabuli programmaturae nescimus, sed vide armatura, scriptura, etc. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 11:52, 13 Maii 2013 (UTC)
Great work Iacobus!!Jondel (disputatio) 12:27, 13 Maii 2013 (UTC)
Etiiam, tecum consentio, illud verbum suffixo producenti formum est. --Robert.Baruch (disputatio) 03:57, 17 Maii 2013 (UTC)

Suggestions[fontem recensere]

I like the names mollopus for "software" and duropus for "hardware" :). I've never seen these words. I just created them. -- Donatello (disputatio) 15:04, 2 Iunii 2013 (UTC).

Declined like octopus and platypus? IacobusAmor (disputatio) 22:59, 2 Iunii 2013 (UTC)
I don't think it works, Donatello :) Latin (unlike Greek and German) isn't a language in which speakers make up compounds as they choose. That's why pottery is not *"fictopus" but "opus fictile". But I think you may have chosen the right words to start from! It seems to me software really could be "opus molle" and hardware could be "opus durum". Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 08:23, 3 Iunii 2013 (UTC)
merx should be used for 'ware' . 'mollimerx'? 'durimerx'(hardware)?Jondel (disputatio) 09:16, 3 Iunii 2013 (UTC)
It's a bit of a puzzle with this English term. Originally "ware" was certainly "a range of goods on sale", as Jondel suggests with merx. In modern computer terminology I think it's more "a category of structure", for which opus, as Donatello suggested, might be OK (I think). But I could be all wrong -- happy to defer to those who know better.
All I really want to say is, please, no invented compounds -- mollimerx and mollopus are amazing words, but they'll never be Latin words, believe me :) Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 11:48, 3 Iunii 2013 (UTC)
Absolutely, noli fingere! Anyway, my understanding is the metaphor of "hardware" = physical tools (i.e. the sort you'd get at a hardware store, and not something that would be calqued) and "software" is a reanalysis of this (by another sort of process that doesn't seem very Latin). The Greek, incidentally, appears to have υλικό (hylicum) for hardware and λογισμικό (logismicum) for software, neither referring to hardness or softness, but to materiality and calculation. —Mucius Tever (disputatio) 13:30, 3 Iunii 2013 (UTC)
How about hylicipus anbd logistypus? and....Jondel (disputatio) 12:18, 4 Iunii 2013 (UTC)

Adversus programmaturam[fontem recensere]

Censeo programmaturam verbum nequam esse et abiciendum, quia in morphologia falsa et semantica erronea positum est. Quod ad morphologiam attinet, cum armatura, scriptura, similibusque comparari non potest, namque huiusmodi nomina deverbativa in -tura cadunt. Programmatura autem non in -tura terminat, cum in stirpe programmat- consistat (id est: /programmat-ura/ vs /arma-tura/). Itaque /-ura/ illud phantasma inane Interlinguae fautorum est. Quod ad semanticam attinet, nomina in -tura cadentia deverbativa sunt et in numero deverbativorum in -tio(n), -tus [IV decl.], -tor terminantium habenda; id est: nomina actionis significant. Programmaturam deverbativum intellegere non possumus. Neque opus est huiusmodi intellectu, nam potius de sensu collectivo agitur: "Computer software includes computer programs, libraries and their associated documentation" (Wikipedia Anglica). Collectiva Latina saepe plurali numero fiunt, sicut programmata,-um vel immaterialia (quamquam hoc nomen Vilborgianum sensum nimis amplum habere videtur). Equidem corpus programmatum suadeo. Neander (disputatio) 17:36, 23 Februarii 2015 (UTC)

Programmatura certe omnes nostras normas violat. Traupman pro software praebet "partes programmationis", sed tuum consilium mihi magis placet. Lesgles (disputatio) 18:51, 23 Februarii 2015 (UTC)