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Pagina huic coniuncta e conversione paginae „Allah“ sitús en.wikipedia.org orta est.
Auctoribus illius paginae hic enumeratis gratias agimus.
Die angegliederte Seite basiert ursprünglich auf einer Übersetzung von Allah aus en.wikipedia.org. Eine Liste der Autoren ist hier verfügbar.
English language
The attached page originated as a translation from the page "Allah" on the site en.wikipedia.org.
We are grateful to the authors of that page as listed here.
La apuda paĝo origine baziĝas sur traduko de Allah el en.wikipedia.org. Listo de la ĝentilaj artikolverkintoj haveblas ĉi tie.

Contribuenda[fontem recensere]

I propose merging this page, which is only about the word, with Deus (Islam), which is about the subject. That would be in accord with Wikipedia practice in general -- Wikipedia doesn't do articles only about words -- and would have the incidental benefit of doubling the length of one of the Myriad articles :) Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 20:12, 29 Augusti 2017 (UTC)

Well, but Allah is the article in the 10,000 pages, so it'd want to be kept, and the merger would mean eliminating the article on Deus (Islam), and by analogy it might therefore imply banning any article-to-be on God in Christianity and God in Jainism and God in Abrahamic religions, not to mention the Trinitas and other notions of godhood collected at en:Category:Conceptions of God. All the major wikis have an article on Allah, and all except German appear to have a separate article on God in Islam. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 11:04, 30 Augusti 2017 (UTC)
I agree that Allāh would be the one to keep. "Deus" is the Latin translation of "Allāh" in sources I have seen, but we can still use Allāh as our pagename if we choose to.
I wouldn't ban anything in the universe if a good article can be written on it. I think the analogies you suggest aren't threatening really: I'm saying there should be one article on an identifiable topic rather than two.
This struck me as an unhelpful split (or fork) when I encountered an instance of the confession "Non est deus nisi Allah et Mahometus est nuntius eius" with deus linked to deus (very logical), Allah linked here (very logical) and eius linked to Deus (Islam). Hang on, someone's playing a silly game with that last one, I thought: eius refers to Allah, so linking it to a different article confuses the reader. So, I went on to think, why do we have the two separate articles anyway? And I don't know. The texts complement one another as two parts of the same subject.
However, it's only an idea. If others think I'm wrong, so be it. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 14:36, 30 Augusti 2017 (UTC)