Zheng He

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Wikidata Zheng He
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Zheng He: imago
Zheng He: imago
Nativitas: 1371; Kunming
Obitus: 1433, 1435; Nanchinum
Patria: Familia Mim
Nomen nativum: 鄭和


Genitores: Hajji Ma;


Sepultura: Tomb of Zheng Da Chia

Zheng He (Mandarinice 鄭和, simpliciter 郑和, pinyin Zhèng Hé), etiam Ma Sanbao (Mandarinice 馬三寶 simpliciter 马三宝) et Hajji Mahmud Shamsuddin (Arabice حاجي محمود شمس الدين), fuit nauta Hui-Sinicus, explorator, legatus, et praefectus classis, qui navigationes ad Asiam Austrorientalem, Asiam Meridianam, Orientem Medium, Africam Orientalem, Cornuque Africae ab 1405 ad 1433 conduxit, Navigationes Zheng He vel Navigationes Cheng Ho una appellatas.

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