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It is proposed to translate a title, in parentheses with the language itself in a blue link, if, by nature, a title belongs to a certain language. The translation should also be a link to the article in the Wikipedia of the language in question:

Circuitus Franciae (Francogallice: Tour de France) . . .

If a title is a compound word, you should translate the parts:

Psychologia (Graece: ψυχή [psyche] 'mens' + λογία [logia] 'studium') . . .

If the title is a foreign word, and therefore indeclinable, give the IPA, using {{IPA}}

Portmanteau (per IPA pronuntiatur: /pɔːtˈmæntəʊ/ RP, /pɔːrtˈmæntoʊ/ US) . . .

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