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This page lists uncategorized pages. It differs from Specialis:Paginae sine categoriis in several ways:

  • While Specialis:Paginae sine categoriis is updated automatically by the MediaWiki software every few days, this page needs to be updated manually, using data from a dump (Usor:UV can do this).
  • While Specialis:Paginae sine categoriis only lists uncategorized non-redirect pages in the main namespace, this page
    • also lists uncategorized non-redirect pages in the Vicipaedia, Categoria, and Porta namespaces and
    • does not take into account hidden categories (i. e. also lists pages that are just categorized in hidden categories).
  • While Specialis:Paginae sine categoriis lists only pages that are not contained in any category, this page lists all pages that are not contained in Categoria:Omnia or any of its subcategories. In other words: If there is a separate category tree (or category graph) that does not have Categoria:Omnia as its root, this page will detect it.

List of pages that are not properly categorized[fontem recensere]

Please remove entries from this page once the problem has been fixed.