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Haec pagina est de usu verbi Articulus. Vide etiam Vicipaedia:Pagina.
  • Possumusne vocabulo articulus pro verbo Anglico article uti?

Responsum[fontem recensere]

  • Raro. Pro enycyclopedia/journal article utere vocabulo commentatio, aliquando etiam pagina vel res. Articulus Latine imprimis nodos corporis (joint, articulation, Gelenk) significat, sed alias habet significationes, quarum aliquae article Anglico respondent (vide infra).
English language
English language

This page is about the use of the word Articulus. See also Vicipaedia:Pagina.


  • Can we use articulus in place of the English word "article"?


  • Rarely. For encyclopedia/journal article use commentatio, also sometimes pagina or res. Articulus in Latin means "joint" first of all, though it does have other meanings, some of which correspond to English article (see below).

Lewis et Short[fontem recensere]

Summarium commentationis Lewis et Short (ibi vide etiam Du Cangii commentationem):

I. Lit.

A. a small member connecting various parts of the body, a joint, knot , knuckle.
B. With an extension of the idea, a limb , member, in gen

II. Trop.

A. Of discourse, a member , part , division. — Hence, a short clause… ; also, a single word … —In gram. the pronn. hic and quis … the article
B. Of time.
1. A point of time , a moment
2. A space , division of time
C. Of other abstract things, part , division , point

Whitaker's Words[fontem recensere]

Vide           N      2 1 NOM S M                 
    articulus, articuli  N  M   [XXXAO]  
    joint; portion of limb/finger between joints; part; (critical) moment; crisis;
    point of time; (Vulgate);

Collins Latin Dictionary[fontem recensere]

articulus, -i m joint, knuckle, limb; (words) clause; (time) point, turning point; in ipso ~o temporis in the nick of time.

Disputatio[fontem recensere]

Disputatio de hac re agitur continenter, vide Disputatio Vicipaediae:Articulus.

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