The Magnetic Lady (Jonson)

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The Magnetic Lady est ludus scaenicus a Beniamino Jonson anno 1632 doctus, anno 1640 divulgatus.

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The Magnetic Lady : Index personarum
Beniaminus Jonson
Beniaminus Jonson

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L A D Y L O A D S T O N E, The Magnetick Lady. Mistris P O L I S H, Her Gossip and she-Parasite. Mistris P L A C E N T I A, Her Neice. P L E A S A N C E, Her Waiting-woman, Mistris K E E P E, The Neices Nurse. Mother C H A I R, The Midwife. Mr. C O M P A S S, A Scholar Mathematick. Captain I R O N S I D E, A Soldier. Parson P A L A T E, Prelate of the Parish. Doctor R U T, Physician to the House. T I M I T E M, His Apothecary. Sir D I A P H S I L K W O R M, A Courtier. Mr. P R A C T I S E, A Lawyer. Sir M O A T E I N T E R E S T, An Usurer, or Money-Bawd. Mr. B I A S, A Vi-politick, or Sub-secretary. Mr. N E E D L E, The Ladies Steward and Taylor.

Opera Beniamini Ionsonii
Titulus editionis in folio anno 1616 divulgatae
Titulus editionis in folio anno 1616 divulgatae

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