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Sara Orne Jewett.
Liber The Queen's Twin and Other Tales (Houghton Mifflin, 1899).

Sara Orne Jewett (3 Septembris 184924 Iunii 1909) fuit mythistoriarum et fabularum brevium scriptrix et poetria Americana, quae operibus coloris loci secundum vel prope Cenomannicae litus sitis innotuit. Jewett exercitatrix regionalismi litterarii Americani magni momenti agnoscitur.[1]

Notae[recensere | fontem recensere]

  1. Aubrey E. Plourde, A Woman's World: Sarah Orne Jewett's Regionalist Alternative, In Sarah Orne Jewett, F. O. Matthiessen scripsit: "The distinction and refinement of Sarah Jewett's prose came out of an America which, with its Tweed rings and grabbing Trusts, its blatantly moneyed New York and squalid frontier towns, seemed most lacking in just these qualities. They are essentially a feminine contribution, and the fact that they now appear more valuable than anything the men of her generation could produce is a symptom of what had happened to New England since the Civil War. The vigorous genius of the earlier golden day had left no sons. Emily Dickinson is the heir of Emerson's spirit, and Sarah Jewett the daughter of Hawthorne's style." F. O. Matthiessen, Sarah Orne Jewett,

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