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Robertus Peters

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Robertus Ludovicus Peters (Eagle River Visconsiniae 20 Octobris 1924; 13 Iunii 2014) fuit poeta, iudex litterarum, eruditus, scriptor scaenicus, editor, et histrio Americanus, qui in egente Visconsiniae septentrionalis regione rustica natus, Ph.D. in litteris Victorianis tenebat.[1] Eius cursus poeticus anno 1967 coepit, cum Ricardus, filiolus carissimus, de improviso meningite spinali obiit. Songs for a Son ('Carmina pro filio'), liber qui hanc amissionem commemorat, a Dionysia Levertov poeta ut a W. W. Norton anno 1967 ederetur in lucem selectus est, et iam venditur. Songs for a Son magnum poematum flumen coepit.

Corpora poematum

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  • Songs for a Son, W. W. Norton, 1967
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  • Makars' Dozens, Pearl Edition, Long Beach, California 2006

Iudicium, eruditio, et aliae res

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  • Victorians on Literature and Art. Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1961.
  • America: The Diary of a Visit, by Edmund Gosse, ed. Robert Peters. Purdue University, 1966.
  • The Crowns of Apollo: Swinburne's Principles of Literature and Art. Wayne State University.
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  • The Great American Poetry Bake-Off I, II, III, IV Series. Metuchen Novae Caesareae: Scarecrow Press, 1979, 1982, 1987, & 1991.
  • The Peters' Black and Blue Guide to Current Literary Journals, series 1 et 2. Novi Eboraci: Cherry Valley Editions, 1983 et 1985.
  • The Peters' Black and Blue Guide to Current Literary Journals, series 3. Dustbooks, 1987.
  • Hunting the Snark: American Poetry at Century End: Classifications and Commentary. Novi Eboraci: Paragon House, 1989.
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  • SLIME The Secret Sex-Life of J. Edgar Hoover. Artifex Eric Reynolds. Eros Comix 1995.
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  • Crunching Gravel: A Wisconsin Boyhood in the Thirties. University of Wisconsin Press, 1993.
  • Nell: A Woman From Wisconsin. University of Wisconsin Press, 1995.
  • For You, Lili Marlene" A Memoir of WW II. University of Wisconsin Press, 1995.
  • Feather: A Child's Life and Death. University of Wisconsin Press, 1997.

Colloquia interrogativa

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  • Cum Gulielmo Collins, in Gauguin's Chair: Selected Poems. Crossing Press, 1977.
  • Cum Gulielmo Matthews, "The Shaker Poems," in The Great American Poetry Bake-off: Second Series. Crossing Press, 141-150.
  • In Writer's Autobiography Series, 8. Gale Research Company, December 1989.

Commentarii de Roberto Peters

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Nexus externi

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