Regina Saba a Salomone recepta (Poynter)

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"Regina Saba a Salomone recepta" ab Eduardo Iohanne Poynter anno 1890 picta

"Regina Saba a Salomone recepta", Anglice "The Queen of Sheba's Visit to King Solomon", est tabula anno 1890 ab Eduardo Iohanne Poynter picta, quae episodium Biblicum figurat (in libris Regum primo Chronicorumque altero narratum) itineris Reginae Saba ad regem Salomonem admirandum.

Poynter investigationibus archaeologicis usus est Iacobi Fergusson qui, architectura Assyrorum et Persarum descripta, palatium regis Salomonis reconstruere temptaverat.[1] Ita, secundum recensionem huius picturae in diario The Times, "modern archaeology has at least given scope for a great deal of plausible guessing as to what 'Solomon in all his glory' was really like".[2] Sed Rudyard Kipling (pictoris nepos) aliter iudicavit de vestimentis a Poynter pictis: "It's Old Brer Solomon coming down the steps of his throne to welcome Sis Sheby as she comes along with apes and peacocks and all that truck. I never saw such a blaze of colour or jumble of notions ... Sol in stamped blue and red Peshawurlac cloth, Sheba in Delhi brocade ... 'I thought it was oriental' said Poynter 'and no one knows any better here.' It's mighty curious to see behind an R.A.'s piccy and note the bits of things it is made up of."[3]

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Regina Saba a Salomone recepta: adumbratio a pictore facta
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