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Philippus Kerr, vulgo Philip Henry Kerr et denuo 11th Marquess of Lothian (Londinii natus die 18 Aprilis 1882; mortuus Vasingtoniae die 12 Decembris 1940) fuit vir publicus Anglicus. Anno 1930 titulus "XI marchio Lothian" ad eum pervenit.

Alumnus Collegii Novi Oxoniensis, Philippus Kerr a secretis meruit Davidi Lloyd George; quam ob rem particeps fuit delegationis Britannicae apud Deliberationem de pace componenda Lutetiae factam anno 1919.

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • 1916 (cum A. J. Grant aliisque) : An introduction to the study of international relations (Londinii: Macmillan)
  • 1923 (cum Lionello Curtis : The prevention of war (New Haven: Yale University Press)
  • 1924 (cum barone Birkenhead et Tasker Howard Bliss) : Approaches to world problems (New Haven: Yale University Press)
  • 1928 (cum C. W. Macara) : Pulling together in the industrial world (Mancunii: Sherratt & Hughes)
  • 1930 (cum David Lloyd George et B. Seebohm Rowntree) : How to tackle unemployment (Londinii)
  • 1935 : Pacifism is not enough nor patriotism either (Londinii: Oxford University Press)
  • 1941 : American speeches of Lord Lothian, July 1939 to December 1940 with a preface by Lord Halifax and a memoir by Sir Edward Grigg (Londinii: Oxford University Press)
  • 1943 : "The ending of Armageddon" in Studies in federal planning ed. Patrick Ransome (Londinii: Macmillan)
  • 1990 (edd. John Pinder, Andrea Bosco) : Pacifism is not enough: collected lectures and speeches of Lord Lothian (Philip Kerr) (Londinii: Lothian Foundation)

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