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Parnasus 2 455 m (Graecia boreo-occidentalis physicalis )
Parnasus 2 455 m
2 455 m
Situs in Graecia
Parnasus anno 1821, Eduardus Dodwell pinxit.

Parnasus[1] (Palaeograece Παρνασός,[2] Neograece Παρνασσός), 2 455 metris altus, est mons Graeciae in mythologia sacer.

Notae[recensere | fontem recensere]

  1. Lewis et Short: "Parnāsus and -os, also Parnas-sus or -os, i, m."; Oxford Latin Dictionary: "Parnāsus ~ī m. Also ~os, -ass-".
  2. Liddell et Scott: "Παρνᾱσός, Ion. Παρνησός, ὁ, [...] also Παρνασσός".

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