Hieronymus Robbins

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Robbins anno 1968.
Robbins in Three Virgins and a Devil, 1941.
close-up portrait shot of a man in his 30s. The image appears to have been shot from above the man and slightly to the right of him, so his head appears at an angle. The man has a full head of wavy black hair, he appears to be slightly smiling as he regards the viewer, and enough of his shirt can be viewed to see that his collar is open.
Robbins anno 1951.

Hieronymus Robbins (natus Jerome Wilson Rabinowitz Manhatae 11 Octobris 1918; ibidem mortuus 29 Iulii 1998) fuit choreographus, director, saltator, et choragus theatralis Americanus, qui operam ballationi dedit, in Broadway et in pelliculis et spectaculis televisificis. Inter opera quibus operam dedit erant On the Town, Peter Pan,, High Button Shoes, The King and I, The Pajama Game, Bells Are Ringing, West Side Story, Gypsy, et Fiddler on the Roof. Robbins Praemium Tony quinquies et Praemia Academiae bis accepit. Kennedy Center Honors praeterea accepit. Something to Dance About, pellicula documentaria de eius vita et opere, in PBS rete televisifico anno 2009 emissa, praemia Emmy et Peabodianum eodem anno acceperunt.[1][2]

Robbins mense Iulio 1998, duos menses postquam Les Noces iterum in scaenam produxerat, apoplexia cerebri passus est, ac domi Manhatae die 29 Iulii 1998 obiit. Eodem vespere, lumina Broadwaiana paulisper hebetata sunt, laudibus debitis elatis. Corpore cremato, pulveres super Oceanum Atlanticum sparsi sunt.

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