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Henricus Guppy

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Bibliotheca Universitatis Catholicae Lovaniensis anno 1914 destructa

Henricus Guppy (Henry Guppy; natus die 31 Decembris 1861; mortuus die 4 Augusti 1948), philologus, fuit bibliothecarius subordinarius apud Collegium Sion, et postea ab anno 1899 bibliothecarius Bibliothecae Iohannis Rylands Mancunii usque ad mortem. Bibliothecae Universitatis Catholicae Lovaniensis reficiendae, anno 1914 Bello Orbis Terrarum I destructae, operam dedit.

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • 1903-1908 et 1914-1948 : (editor) Bulletin of the John Rylands Library
  • 1909 : (editor, cum Guthrie Vine) A Classified Catalogue of the Works on Architecture and the Allied Arts in the Principal Libraries of Manchester and Salford
  • 1924 : The John Rylands Library, Manchester: 1899-1935. Editio nova: 1935
  • 1932 : (cum Moses Tyson) The French journals of Mrs. Thrale and Doctor Johnson edited from the original manuscripts in the John Rylands Library and the British Museum with introduction and notes by Moses Tyson and Henry Guppy

Bibliographia[recensere | fontem recensere]

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