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This template is part of a group of templates that are used to display information about a specific extrasolaris planeta. The {{Capsa planetae/Inceptio}} is always the first in the list, while {{Capsa planetae/Finitio}} is always the last in the list. This particular template can be used as follows:

{{Capsa planetae/Orbis
| epocha = <!--epoch the orbit is valid for-->
| semimaior = <!--semimajor axis, in astronomical units (AU)-->
| semimaior_gm = <!--semimajor axis, in gigameters (Gm) (optional)-->
| semimaior_mas = <!--semimajor axis in milliarcseconds (mas) (optional)-->
| periastron = <!--periastron in astronomical units (AU)-->
| periastron_gm = <!--periastron in gigameters (Gm) (optional)-->
| apastron = <!--apastron in astronomical units (AU)-->
| apastron_gm = <!--apastron in gigameters (Gm) (optional)-->
| excentricitas = <!--orbital eccentricity-->
| periodus = <!--orbital period in days (optional, can use period_year instead)-->
| periodus_anni = <!--orbital period in years (optional, can use period instead)-->
| periodus_horae = <!--orbital period in hours (optional, can use period instead)-->
| velocitas = <!--orbital speed in kilometers per second (km/s)-->
| inclinatio = <!--orbital inclination, in degrees-->
| nodus = <!--longitude of the node, in degrees-->
| arg_peri = <!--argument of periastron, in degrees-->
| media_anomalia = <!--mean anomaly, in degrees (always specify epoch when using this field, which should only be used for dynamical fits)-->
| t_peri = <!--time of periastron (Julian date, JD; can use t_peri_no_jd instead)-->
| t_peri_no_jd = <!--time of periastron (no calendar specified; can use t_peri instead)-->
| t_transit = <!--time of transit (Julian date, JD; can use t_transit_no_jd instead)-->
| t_transit_no_jd = <!--time of transit (no calendar specified; can use t_transit instead)-->
| t_eclipsis = <!--time of eclipse (Julian date, JD; can use t_eclipse_no_jd instead)-->
| t_eclipsis_no_jd = <!--time of eclipse (no calendar specified; can use t_eclipse instead)-->
| semi-amp = <!--velocity semi-amplitude (m/s)-->

The following templates are used together and are usually placed in the order listed below.

{{Capsa planetae/Inceptio}}
{{Capsa planetae/Imago}}
{{Capsa planetae/Stella}}
{{Capsa planetae/Distantia}}
{{Capsa planetae/Orbis}}
{{Capsa planetae/Res physicae}}
{{Capsa planetae/Repertus}}
{{Capsa planetae/Index}}
{{Capsa planetae/Notae}}
{{Capsa planetae/Finitio}}

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