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This template is part of a group of templates that are used to display information about a specific extrasolaris planeta. The template {{Capsa planetae/Inceptio}} is always the first in the list, while {{Capsa planetae/Finitio}} is always the last in the list. This particular template is used to give links to the entries in SIMBAD and the Encyclopaedia Planetae Extrasolares (Anglice: en:Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia) for a planet; it has the following syntax:

{{Capsa planetae/Notae
| stella = <!--Designation of primary star of extrasolar planet, as used in the EPE-->
| planeta = <!--Letter of planet (b, c, d, ...), as used in the EPE; default is b -->
| simbad = <!--Designation used in SIMBAD, if different from EPE-->

For example:

{{Capsa planetae/Inceptio|nomen=HD 20367 b}}
{{Capsa planetae/Notae
| stella = HD+20367
| planeta = b
{{Capsa planetae/Finitio}}

will generate

HD 20367 b
Planeta extrasolaris Index planetarum extrasolarium
Notae in databasibus
Planetae Extrasolares

The following templates are used together and are usually placed in the order listed below.

{{Capsa planetae/Inceptio}}
{{Capsa planetae/Imago}}
{{Capsa planetae/Stella}}
{{Capsa planetae/Distantia}}
{{Capsa planetae/Orbis}}
{{Capsa planetae/Res physicae}}
{{Capsa planetae/Repertus}}
{{Capsa planetae/Index}}
{{Capsa planetae/Notae}}
{{Capsa planetae/Finitio}}

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