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Not the most popular article for editing. Maybe this is partly why: "Nullae paginae hic nectunt." But the sidebar seems to link to it. I guess all the serious users are concentrating on classics and/or templates covering several millennia. Robin Patterson 06:24 sep 19, 2004 (UTC)

The main reason I don't update this page is that I don't have the discipline to do it with any regularity, and once classes start (in about a week) it will become especially difficult. --Iustinus 07:49 sep 19, 2004 (UTC)
Do we really need it at all? It is there because it's part of the general navigation box in MediaWiki, but it can be removed (well, probably!). Adam Episcopus 15:38 sep 19, 2004 (UTC)
What about Gliese 581 c planet, recently discovered? --Daniel bg 10:59, 28 Aprilis 2007 (UTC)

Frank Christoph Schnitzler[fontem recensere]

Dear Friend, Please help creation this article in your Language and start this article. Thank you very much.

Novum nuntium?[fontem recensere]

ubi sunt nuntii a.U.c. 2772 et seq.? 23:09, 25 Decembris 2020 (UTC)

in pagina prima sunt. Demetrius Talpa (disputatio) 23:21, 25 Decembris 2020 (UTC)
et ante 16 octobris a.U.c. 2773? 23:24, 25 Decembris 2020 (UTC)
hic in historia paginae quaedam inveniuntur; nescio, an collecta aliquo loco sint. Demetrius Talpa (disputatio) 23:44, 25 Decembris 2020 (UTC)
In paginis annorum (2019, 2020 etc. ) colligebantur. Demetrius Talpa (disputatio) 00:33, 26 Decembris 2020 (UTC)