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  1. (Index deletionum); 23:28 . . UV (Disputatio | conlationes | obstruere) (delevit "Urbes Europaeae": contenta erant: '#REDIRECT Categoria:Urbes Europaeae' (et contributor unicus erat 'GiovaneScuola2006') - was a redirect from the article namespace to a category)
  2. (Index deletionum); 23:27 . . UV (Disputatio | conlationes | obstruere) (delevit "Disputatio:Urbes Europae": contenta erant: '== Mea maxima culpa! ==Non sapevo che già esistesse quella pagina. I didn't know that that page already existed. Stasera, ci trasferirò tutte le...' (et contributor unicus erat '[[Special:Contri)

Recreating a page that an admin deleted is risky business, Giovane...--Ioshus (disp) 03:45, 25 Octobris 2006 (UTC)

Whoa! What page are we talking about? I meant no harm ... Please let's discuss. GiovaneScuola2006 04:18, 25 Octobris 2006 (UTC)
The page I just copied Urbes Europaeae... we do not like redirects from namespace to category.--Ioshus (disp) 11:14, 25 Octobris 2006 (UTC)
Lists are different from categories. There should not be any redirect from an article to a category, as the redirect would show up as a blue link (like an existing page) and people would not notice that there the page is actually missing and needs to be written (as would usually be indicated by a red link). Greetings, --UV 19:47, 25 Octobris 2006 (UTC)

Cities begining with F[fontem recensere]


How come under "F", there are some cities listed which do NOT begin with F? There is no other letter which has this problem. What went wrong? GiovaneScuola2006 21:27, 25 Octobris 2006 (UTC)

It seems that the problem arises due to the use of {{...}} instead of [[...]]. These {{...}} are used for including formulas or the source of other pages. Then, a second thing: I think, we should not use supercategories, please see Vicipaedia:Categoria#Supercategories. --Roland (disp.) 21:44, 25 Octobris 2006 (UTC)