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Golden Disc[fontem recensere]

I would like to make an article for the golden disc, but since we're using the English name instead of a translation, what should I name the article? The standard word order for "golden disk of Voyager" would be ADJ GEN NOM, correct? But would "aureus Voyager discus" be confusing since "Voyager" is indecl?--SECUNDUS ZEPHYRUS 02:30, 5 Aprilis 2010 (UTC)

I would suggest Discus aureus (Voyager). You're right that 'Voyager' could be understood as a noun in apposition there (the golden disc called Voyager). Pantocrator 02:39, 5 Aprilis 2010 (UTC)
Interesting that a lot of wikis don't translate this phrase. I don't know why not. Discus aureus (Voyager) looks pretty good. I don't think anyone is going to confuse that as a noun in apposition but, well, there it is. --Ioscius 08:50, 5 Aprilis 2010 (UTC)

De disputatione[fontem recensere]

Salve Iosci. Mihi videutr Sullam malefactorem esse. Vide Disputatio:De vita Caesarum‎. Egomet ei responsui, sed iterum vocabula "ostende loca, quae peregrines" non intellego. "Show the places which [you] ?". Hoc "peregrines" verbum abest lexicone meo, aut Words. Quid dicit iste?--Xaverius 22:49, 6 Maii 2010 (UTC)

Fortasse oblitus est verbum 'peregrinari' deponens esse? —Mucius Tever 02:14, 7 Maii 2010 (UTC)
Fortasse, sed deinde, is vult videre aut gnoscere locos a me visitatos?--Xaverius 09:08, 7 Maii 2010 (UTC)
Sine dubio possumus ab omni editore aliquid discere, sed de utilitate contributionum Sullae vide etiam haec verba quae Iacobus noster correxit. Sulla non est re vera scriptor encyclopaedicus ... Andrew Dalby 09:33, 7 Maii 2010 (UTC)

structura paginarum[fontem recensere]

Ave Ioscius

bene dicis, nam illam paginam abhinc tres annos fecit ergo eam corrigam Valeas--Helveticus montanus 14:35, 10 Maii 2010 (UTC)

Asteroids[fontem recensere]

I know you're a bit busy (!) but I remember you were doubtful about the addition of asteroids articles using a bot. If you have any comments to add, for or against, at Disputatio Usoris:Robert.Baruch, I'd be glad to see them. Andrew Dalby 09:19, 15 Iulii 2010 (UTC)

Hey Andrew, things have finally calmed down after a good two weeks of festivities! I don't have a lot to say that I haven't already, but I will add my two cents to Robert's page. --Ioscius 21:27, 22 Iulii 2010 (UTC)

Ciao![fontem recensere]

Non sono esattamente sicuro se farne qualcosa o no, ma quando ho messo un ((Latinitas|-5)) su questa pagina, essendo appena scritta in latino :], l'utente che l'aveva creato si è fatto un altro conto qualche minuto più tardi, ha tolto la formula L-5 ... e l'ha messo sulla mia pagina d'utente! xD Secondo me è immaturo e buffissimo, ma mi sono detto che è del vandalismo, e quindi, visto che sei un amministratore, mi sono detto che te lo direi. =) Grazie per il tuo tempo! Mattie 04:27, 29 Novembris 2010 (UTC)

Salve Ioscius[fontem recensere]

Mi piacerebbe tanto vedere questa pagina tradotta in Latino. Quando hai tempo, potresti aiutarmi ? Grazie mille :D--Aeron10 19:58, 11 Martii 2011 (UTC)

Up to you of course, Iosci, but this looks like cross-wiki spam: see it:Discussioni utente:Aeron10#cs:Immagine & poesia. Andrew Dalby 10:16, 12 Martii 2011 (UTC)

Disputatio:Lingua Slovio[fontem recensere]

You might care to comment ... Andrew Dalby 08:36, 15 Aprilis 2011 (UTC)

Ave! ...[fontem recensere]

Perdona la mia indiscrezione, ma mi chiedevo come mai un madrelingua inglese parli anche l'italiano e il siciliano...
Ad ogni modo, i miei complimenti,
και (dimmi tutto)

It isn't ...[fontem recensere]

... Vuott's fault. You deleted some stuff on that page as well. We aren't getting the usual warnings from the system. Andrew Dalby 11:41, 9 Iunii 2011 (UTC)

Yeah? Well I told him it wasn't a big deal, nor am I holding any sort of grudge.
On another systematic note, the nuper mutata is running a script that my computer doesn't seem to like...
-- Ioscius 11:43, 9 Iunii 2011 (UTC)

Did you mean to delete the category on "Et tu Brute?" It is a fairly notable Latin phrase, surely? Andrew Dalby 13:26, 9 Iunii 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, I thought redirects didn't get categories... -- Ioscius 13:28, 9 Iunii 2011 (UTC)
It can be done (it was our old friend Rolandus who taught me this), if it's useful for the item to file under the name of the redirect. So if this category is placed on the redirect page, the words Et tu Brute? will appear in the category listing of "Locutiones Latinae", which makes more sense than to have the words "Kai su teknon" appear there. Andrew Dalby 13:40, 9 Iunii 2011 (UTC)
Yeah I thought about it after the fact and reverted myself. Makes good sense!
I miss Roland... -- Ioscius 17:04, 9 Iunii 2011 (UTC)

Mh7kJ is OK[fontem recensere]

I added a note at Disputatio Usoris:Mh7kJ. I think you misread the history there. Greetings, by the way! Andrew Dalby 16:16, 16 Septembris 2012 (UTC)

Welcome back[fontem recensere]

Welcome back, good to see you around again! Greetings, --UV (disputatio) 20:08, 22 Iunii 2015 (UTC)