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To be getting on with[fontem recensere]

Since no one has suggested a solution to the cross-classification at Categoria:Opera, I have created this category temporarily for the works of art called "operas" in many modern languages. That leaves "Categoria:Opera" for en:Category:Creative works. I have no strong view on the final terminology, but this will help meanwhile. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 14:30, 10 Aprilis 2011 (UTC)

I always regarded this Categoria:Operae, which I created, as a mere stopgap because no one had thought of a better solution. Well, the principal page on this subject has now been moved to Melodrama (musica). If no one objects, this category should be moved similarly, I guess to Categoria:Melodramata. Does anyone object, or want to propose a different answer? Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 21:53, 24 Februarii 2016 (UTC)