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Nomen[fontem recensere]

Worldcat confirms that he normally used Theodorus Mommsen on his own work. I do note that Carl Georg Burns published in 1909 (after Mommsen's death) a Fontes iuris romani antiqui, 1909 Post curas Theodori Mommseni editionibus quintae et sextae adhibitas, so Mommsenus does exist, but we should give precidence to Mommsen's own prefered form. --Iustinus 16:37, 28 Maii 2007 (UTC)

ordinal numbers and years![fontem recensere]

I see that our German friends always write ordinals numbers or years with a point, e.g 1861. (cfr. Theodorus Mommsen before my correction) . I believe that the point is used in German but not in Latin, is it right or wrong? Thank you?--Massimo Macconi 08:22, 1 Augusti 2007 (UTC)