Disputatio:Oppugnatio Bibractis

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Rapid comments[fontem recensere]

We want articles like this. The image is a good choice. Mainly, we need text, not infoboxes whose summaries always look childish! So the words "Victoria Romana, Helvetii Victi" (see what I mean? no offence!) need to be converted into a real sentence (or, preferably, more than one sentence) and put in the text. Once that's done, the infobox adds nothing and might disappear.

The notes will appear under "Notae" if the formula <references /> is inserted at that point. No need to duplicate them.

A reference accurately pointing to the relevant page in Perseus could be added to each note, or to a section == Nexus externi == at the end, whichever seems best. The == Bibliographia == would be the place to list secondary sources i.e. recent scholarship, books or articles. These can be in any language: Latinists are multilingual!

Thanks for the article. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 09:01, 27 Aprilis 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

De nomine[fontem recensere]

"Proelium Bibractis" nihil contra se habet nisi quod fontem huius locutionis usque adhuc non repperimus. Repperi "oppugnatio Bibractis" (re vera "de obpugnatione Bibractis") hic pagina v. Alii quid? Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 11:33, 27 Aprilis 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

In Caesaris primo belli Gallici libro nihil legimus de oppugnatione illius oppidi, velut de machinis ad muros adactis, de moenibus superatis, de urbe oppugata, de incolis victis. Immo legimus de pugna prope Bibracte acriter pugnata. Prope Bibracte: quia Caesar (BG 1.22s.) primo hostes e summo iugo montis aggredi constituerat, tum mutato consilio eos in summo monte iam collocatos incursaturus erat, hi autem re vera Romanis inopinantibus castra iam moverant. De Bibracte oppugnando res ergo non agebatur. Sed quia Caesar "a Bibracte [...] non amplius milibus passuum XVIII aberat", Caesar "Bibracte ire contendit", ut ibi exercitui frumentum metiretur. Tunc autem hostes milites Caesaris "insequi ac lacessere coeperunt", qua re "copias suas Caesar in proximum collem subduxit", e quo "loco superiore" "cohortatus suos proelium commisit". Tum "ancipiti proelio diu acriterque pugnatum est", hostes se receperunt, Romani castris potiti sunt. De Bibracte: legimus nihil a BG 1.23 usque ad BG 7.55. Hoc proelio - fortuito prope Bibracte commisso - bellum Helvetiorum confectum (1.30.1) erat. Cur ergo de oppugnatione Bibractis scribendum sit? --Bavarese (disputatio) 13:09, 5 Maii 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]