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Could somebody please help me to find the latin word for tyres, pneus, Autoreifen etc. Thank you --Massimo Macconi 05:58, 30 Iulii 2009 (UTC)

Taken from "diccionario auxiliar español-latino para el uso moderno del latín", JOSE JUAN DEL COL, 2007 = Auxiliar spanish-latin dictionary for the modern use of Latin. 1131 pages, 25000 words
neumático: (tubo de goma lleno de aire comprimido
para cubrir la llanta de la rueda)
pneumáticum, i n. Sin: pneumática cummis
vel gummis (-is; ac -im f); inflata cummis vel
gummis; uter (utris m) pneumáticus vel aérius;
cúmmeum rotae involūcrum. Uso: - de
auxilio, pneumáticum subsidiárium; controlar
la presión de los -, inspícere pneumaticorum
pressionem vel pressum; el - se desinfla,
e pneumático ventus éffluit // adj pneumáticus,
a, um. Sin: spiritalis; inflátilis; áëre vel
vento inflatus. Uso: máquina -, máchina
tyre: (rubber tube full of compressed air to cover the rim of the wheel)...
to control the presure of the tyres -, inspícere pneumaticorum pressionem vel pressum;...
Hope it helps, best regards --Vallatum 13:59, 30 Iulii 2009 (UTC)
The Roman word for tire in the sense of something you'd put around a wheel to protect it—though they were made of metal, rubber not having been a material in use at the time—is 'canthus'. If you need to specify its rubberiness you could say something like 'canthus elasticus' (as Greek did likewise, with λαστιχό ← επίσωτρο ελαστικό ← ἐπίσωτρον = canthus). —Mucius Tever 23:53, 30 Iulii 2009 (UTC)