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De fabula[fontem recensere]

I've deleted the fable on Hercules, which should be in vicilibris but I do not know how do they work there. It is still possible, though, to retrieve the text and move it from there into vicilibros.--Xaverius 13:32, 19 Februarii 2009 (UTC)

Vicifons would be the place for it. See also Disputatio:Odyssea. --UV 14:36, 21 Februarii 2009 (UTC)

Index 10K[fontem recensere]

Wikipedia has both en:Hercules (the Roman god) and en:Herakles (the Greek god); Vicipaedia has the former, but not the latter, and it's the latter that's in the 10K list. So should Hercules be renamed in Greek and then linked to en:Herakles so as to get the points on offer for en:Herakles? or should a new article, on Herakles be written and thus linked (with the old Hercules being rewritten to refer mainly to the Roman god)? IacobusAmor (disputatio) 13:01, 16 Aprilis 2016 (UTC)

Not to mention the Etruscan interpretation known as en:Hercle. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 13:04, 16 Aprilis 2016 (UTC)
The classical Latin spelling has always been Hercules, regardless of the myths or rituals being discussed. Since this seems to deal with the original Greek myth (except perhaps the sentence quoting Seneca?), I rather think that we could just keep Hercules and change the Wikidata links to math en:Herakles. If someone wants to write something about the Roman god in particular, it could go at Hercules in mythologia Romana or the like. Lesgles (disputatio) 00:57, 17 Aprilis 2016 (UTC)