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Salve. Transtuli Anglica iconic sex symbol ut "imaginis sacrae signum sexuale". Lexicon Vilborgianum (editionis secundae 2009) quod adhibebam dicit pro icon (nomen adiectivum iconic non stat), sex, et sexy (sexsymbol etiam non stat) res eas:

icon art imag|o ('inis) f sacra; computer ♦ ic|on (-onis) m
sex n sexuália ('ium) npl, res (-rum) fpl venereae
sexy appetitum sexualem mov|ens (-entis) / éxcit|ans (-antis)

Quid de translatione mea censetis? Donatello (disputatio) 02:32, 7 Martii 2013 (UTC).

"Icon" est imago sacra, sed hodie in lingua diurnalistica (et Vicipaedica) Anglica verbum adiectivum "iconic" sensu adhibetur "famosus". Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 10:32, 7 Martii 2013 (UTC)
Anglice iconic hic = 'emblematic, representative, typical'. Ergo iconic sex symbol = 'sex symbol par excellence, the epitome of a sex symbol, the very embodiment of a sex symbol'. It has nothing to do with icons. ¶ Similarly, you could go into lingua diurnalistica and say that W. S. Gilbert's "very model of a modern major-general" is an iconic modern major-general. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 13:04, 7 Martii 2013 (UTC)
So 'iconic sex symbol' = 'model/ideal of a sex symbol' maybe = exemplar imaginis sexualis (with imaginis being a subtle tip of the hat at the idea of an icon). IacobusAmor (disputatio) 13:14, 7 Martii 2013 (UTC)
Or maybe if you want to sound fulsome (imitating journalists with their iconic), absolutum et perfectum imaginis sexualis exemplar. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 13:14, 7 Martii 2013 (UTC)
venustus, venusta, venustum (--sexy--)-might be useful to you.sorry, I don't remember the source (fons)Jondel (disputatio) 13:47, 7 Martii 2013 (UTC)
idolon pops into my head for icon.Jondel (disputatio) 13:52, 7 Martii 2013 (UTC)