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Lemma[fontem recensere]

The name in all the pertinent Romance, Germanic, and Slavic languages, not to mention Finnish and Javanese, uses a form of the word that in English—apparently the official language of the Committee for a Workers' International (about which this article was drafted)—is committee, for which the Latin is consilium (Cassell's 1968; Traupman 2007), so commissio may not have been quite right, but that's a trivial matter in light of the redirect that was created today.

The (3) International Socialist Alternative, to which the (identical) text now refers, is a different organization, one that split off from the (2) Committee for a Workers' International (2019), itself a successor of the (1) Committee for a Workers' International (1974). Today's redirect has made the article, which originally treated group #1, an article about group #3---but its text has remained the same.

Is Vicipaedia being drawn into an ideological squabble? Should the redirect be reversed and new articles be drafted to accommodate versions #2 and #3? IacobusAmor (disputatio) 11:52, 25 Iunii 2020 (UTC)

Res puto omnino frontem ferire cogit. Atqui nonne sunt illa cuncta admodum plena σολοικισμοῦ atque βαρβαρισμοῦ, quin a testularum suffragiisid est pro ostracismo vix detinear... Aristippus Ser (disputatio) 12:10, 25 Iunii 2020 (UTC)
I found "commissio" and "consilium" (even "comitium")as interchangable translation for "committee" in Vicipaedia (Motus internationalis Crucis Rubrae et Lunae Rubrae, Commissio Securitatis Publicae URSS, Commissio virorum taxinomiae internationalis, but you should change it in the case you're right.

I did not find much sense in amking three articles in the latin Vicipaedia abour the one former and current two organisations. I just followed the logical reason, that the CWI renaimed itself on it's 12th ordinary World Congress (https://internationalsocialist.net/en/2020/02/announcement) and the absolute majority of sections (ca. 30 out of 40) are now part of this organisation. You can feel free about writing an extrra article on the split or the refounded CWI. --Socius sociologicus (disputatio) 15:02, 26 Septembris 2020 (UTC)