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Bernardus Houghton (Bernard Houghton; natus in Leyton iuxta Londinium die 4 Iunii 1864; mortuus apud Burford comitatus Oxoniensis die 29 Septembris 1933) fuit eruditus linguarum Sinotibetanarum, stator Birmaniae Britannicae et scriptor de imperio Britannico.

Bernardus Houghton fuit alumnus Collegii Trinitatis Eblanensis.

When the English step by step advanced across the Indian sub-continent and welded to their empire its teeming plains, they achieved not a revolution but a conquest. Neither in its origin nor in its framework did the new polity differ in any essential point from those it superseded.
– Bernard Houghton, Bureaucratic Government

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

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  • The Mind of the Indian Government (Madras: Ganesh, 1922) Textus interretialis
  • Food, Mind, and Health (Madras: Ganesan, 1943 [reimpressum?])

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