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Signing[fontem recensere]

  • Articles shall not be signed.
  • Comments on talk pages shall always be "signed" by the author.

Adding the signature[fontem recensere]

A registered user can add his signature with ~~~~ (= 4 tildes). After saving this expands to his username and the timestamp.

Changing the default signature[fontem recensere]

A user can change the default signature by editing the preferences (click on "praeferentiae"). It is field "Subscriptio:" and the option "Subscriptio cruda (sine nexu automatico)" in section "Minutiae rationis". Example:

  • Subscriptio: [[Usor:Roland2|Roland]] <small>([[Disputatio Usoris:Roland2|disp.]])</small>
  • Subscriptio cruda (sine nexu automatico): YES

Vide etiam[fontem recensere]