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Spatia nominalia[fontem recensere]

Variables Alternate syntax Name, linked to list of all such pages
{{ns:-2}} {{ns:media}} Media
{{ns:-1}} {{ns:special}} Specialis
{{ns:0}} (principale)
{{ns:1}} {{ns:talk}} Disputatio
{{ns:2}} {{ns:user}} Usor
{{ns:3}} {{ns:user_talk}} Disputatio Usoris
{{ns:4}} {{ns:project}} Vicipaedia
{{ns:5}} {{ns:project_talk}} Disputatio Vicipaediae
{{ns:6}} {{ns:image}} Fasciculus
{{ns:7}} {{ns:image_talk}} Disputatio Fasciculi
{{ns:8}} {{ns:mediawiki}} MediaWiki
{{ns:9}} {{ns:mediawiki_talk}} Disputatio MediaWiki
{{ns:10}} {{ns:template}} Formula
{{ns:11}} {{ns:template_talk}} Disputatio Formulae
{{ns:12}} {{ns:help}} Auxilium
{{ns:13}} {{ns:help_talk}} Disputatio Auxilii
{{ns:14}} {{ns:category}} Categoria
{{ns:15}} {{ns:category_talk}} Disputatio Categoriae
{{ns:100}} Porta
{{ns:101}} Disputatio Portae
{{ns:828}} Module
{{ns:829}} Module talk
{{ns:2300}} Gadget
{{ns:2301}} Gadget talk
{{ns:2302}} Gadget definition
{{ns:2303}} Gadget definition talk
{{ns:2600}} [1]

Currently, there is no "Opus:" namespace. Therefore, this page technically resides in the main namespace.

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