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Administrators (Magistratus) can delete pages, restore deleted pages (or just specific versions), protect or semiprotect pages, block users, edit the user interface messages and edit the MediaWiki namespace.

An administrator is elected democratically at Vicipaedia:Petitio magistratus.

List of the 20 administrators[fontem recensere]

See Specialis:Magistratus:

Inactive administrators[fontem recensere]

When an administrator shows no activity at all (= no contributions and no log entries) on the Latin Wikipedia for a period of six months, and does not resume activity (= at least one edit or one log entry) within one month after being notified both on the administrator's user talk page and (provided that e-mails from other users are enabled in the administrator's preferences) via the E-Mail this user feature, any user may request that this administrator's administrator rights shall be temporarily revoked. Administrator rights that have been temporarily revoked shall be re-granted upon this administrator's simple request (= no new vote necessary).

List of inactive administrators[fontem recensere]

  • none at present

List of former administrators[fontem recensere]

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