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Below is my list of articles that I have somehow contributed to, which includes the date started, rating when started, and current rating.

Article Start Date Rating (before) Rating (after) Notes
[[Template:Traductor]] {{Start date|2008|6|2}} {{Start-Class}} {{Start-Class}} finished!
User:Mcapdevila/Catalan_gunpowder {{Start date|2008|5|31}} {{Start-Class}} {{Start-Class}} has been removed once & not completely finished.
User:Mcapdevila/The catalan Celestina {{Start date|2008|6|2}} {{Start-Class}} {{Start-Class}} Not completely finished!
Coin clipping {{Start date|2008|6|2}} {{Start-Class}} {{Start-Class}} after being appointed Master of the Mint (charge he held from 1699 to his death)|