The Scourge of Folly (Davies)

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Titulus operis The Scourge of Folly (1611): stultitia vapulat

The Scourge of Folly est liber epigrammatum ab Ioanne Davies Herefordiensis anno 1611 divulgatus, characteras amicorum aliorumque coaevorum praebens una cum carmina varia satyrica. Laudes reperiuntur inter alias scriptorum Samuelis Daniel (no. 155), Beniamini Jonson (no. 156) et Gulielmi Shakesperii (no. 159) atque architecti Inigo Jones (no. 157).

To Our English Terence, Mr. Will: Shake-speare[recensere | fontem recensere]

In hoc libro reperitur epigramma "To Our English Terence, Mr. Will: Shake-speare" ubi Shakesperius Terentium Anglicum nuncupatur. Biographis hoc carmen utile est quia Shakesperium refert histrionem meruisse partesque regum nonnullas egisse.

Some say (good Will), which I, in sport, do sing,
Hadst thou not played some kingly parts in sport,
Thou hadst been a companion for a king;
And been a king among the meaner sort.
Some others rail; but, rail as they think fit,
Thou hast no railing, but, a reigning wit:
And honesty thou sowst, which they do reap,
So to increase their stock which they do keep.

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  • Brian Vickers, Shakespeare, "A Lover's Complaint," and John Davies of Hereford (2007)

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