St Mawes

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St Mawes (Cornubia)
St Mawes
St Mawes
Oppidi collocatio in comitatu Cornubia
Despectus in oppidum St Mawes

St Mawes vel Musidum[1] est oppidum comitatús Cornubiae ad occidentalem partem Angliae extremam iacentis. Ibi nundinae tenebantur ab anno 1306.[2]

Notae[recensere | fontem recensere]

  1. 'Musidum' in Roman times, has subsequently been applied to St. Mawes, although the source is dubious; >Drew, Samuel (1824) The Origin of Cornish Place Names.
  2. Samantha Letters, "Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516: Cornwall"

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