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[[File:Polandball.PNG|thumb|200px|User-generated representation of Polandball.]]
'''PolandballPila Poloniae''', also([[Lingua knownAnglica|Anglice]]: ''Polandball'') assive '''countryballpila civilis''', is(Anglice: a''countryball'') [[user-generated]]est [[internetmemum memeinterretiale]] which originated on the /int/ board of German imageboard Krautchan.net in the latter half of 2009. The meme is manifested in a large number of [[online comics]], where [[country|countries]] are presented as spherical [[persona]]s that interact in often [[broken English]], poking fun at national [[stereotypes]] and [[international relations]]. The comics style may be referred to both as Polandball (by convention, even in cases where there is no Poland among the cartoon characters) and countryball (or, collectively, countryballs).


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