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Source added for taxonomia. Taxonomia is actually incorrect.
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(Source added for taxonomia. Taxonomia is actually incorrect.)
[[Fasciculus:Linné-Systema Naturae 1735.jpg|thumb|Pagina titularis a [[Systema Naturae]] Caroli Linnaei, [[Annus|anno]] [[1735]].]]
'''Taxinomia''' {{victio|Taxonomia|ae|f}}, aliquando '''taxonomia''' ([[Lingua Graeca antiqua|Graece]]: ταξινομία, ''taxinomía'',<ref name=Stearn1983>Stearn, W. (1983). ''Botanical Latin. History, grammar, syntax, terminology and vocabulary.'' (3rd edition). Newton Abbot London: David Charles.</ref> 'taxium ordinatio'), est facultas et ars classificationis.
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