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:::As anon suggests above, I think we might use "Lingua Mandarinica" for "''Standard Mandarin''". The point about the name "Mandarin" -- if we accept it as non-POV -- is that it associates the language with the scholars/administrators, who always focused on the standard language of Beijing. To use the term "Mandarin" for a set of regional dialects is a misnomer, really.
:::But we also need terms for the larger sets:
:::#what en:wiki currently calls "Mandarin Chinese", i.e. the set of northern and southwestern dialects and including Standard Mandarin; for this we might use [[Lingua Sinensis]] (currently a redirect)
:::#what en:wiki currently calls "Chinese language" (currently our [[Lingua Sinica]]), i.e. all of the above and also the southern and eastern Chinese languages or dialects. Since these are widely agreed to be languages and not dialects, we might consider moving that page to [[Linguae Sinicae]]. <font face="Gill Sans">[[Usor:Andrew Dalby|Andrew]]<font color="green">[[Disputatio Usoris:Andrew Dalby| Dalby]]</font></font> 12:04, 1 Iulii 2010 (UTC)

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