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Marcus Frauenfelder est bloggator, scriptor, pictor, et diurnarius Americanus, anno 1961 aut 1962 natus est.[1] Ille est editor primus apud periodico MAKE,[2] et coeditor blog gregis Boing Boing. Anno 1988, cum Carla Sinclair, commentarios periodicos imagines bOING bOING condidit,[3] et fuit editor eius ad finem anno 1997. Scripti eius a Guillelmo Idol inventi sunt, qui Frauenfelder de musica Cyberpunk consuluit.[4]

Frauenfelder fuit editor apud periodico Wired annis 1993 — 1998.[5]

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • Coeditor libri The Happy Mutant Handbook (1995, Riverhead Trade) ISBN 1573225029.
  • Scriptor commentationis "Living Online" apud periodico Playboy (1998 — 2002).
  • Auctor et pictor libri Mad Professor (2002, Turtleback Books) ISBN 0613869281.
  • Auctor et pictor libri World's Worst (2005, Chronicle Books) ISBN 0811846067.
  • Auctor et pictor libri The Computer: An Illustrated History (2005, Carlton Publishing Group) ISBN 1847320139.
  • Auctor libri Rule the Web: How to Do Anything and Everything on the Internet — Better, Faster, Easier (2007, St. Martin's Griffin) ISBN 0312363338.[6]
  • Auctor libri Made by Hand (2010, Portfolio Hardcover) ISBN 1591843324.

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